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I am a wife, mama and artist living in Loveland, Colorado. When my husband and I got married we decided that instead of pursuing travel and further schooling we would stay and grow roots into the place we come from; Colorado. Not being exactly the center of the art world it has been a challenge to grow my practice and work here, but I find constant inspiration in the rugged and vast landscape of Colorado. As a family we have become dedicated to finding and latching onto our roots and our community. The shop name (Olander) is my husband's great great grandfather who is his namesake, and is now the middle name of our son. 
After receiving my BFA in drawing at Colorado State University I continued to pursue drawing, sculpture and installation but have recently found myself without a studio space so my work began to take on a new more flexible form: embroidery.

I use needle and thread to create contemporary embroideries that explore the often overlooked beauty of the subtle textures and colors of the Colorado landscape. I use my explorations of nature as a means to connect people to the natural world. The stunning Rocky Mountains, Colorado’s calling card, are an obvious source of beauty and inspiration, but I have found a love for the more subtle textures of the grasses and reeds in the foothills and plains. It is my job to showcase and honor these “undiscovered beauties” in an effort to increase people’s appreciation of the natural world.

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